Profession – Class Combinations in WOTLK

Are you confused as to which profession combination can work well with your class choice? I decided to write a quick guide to all new players who aren’t sure which professions would work well for them.

Plate Wearers – If you are a plate wearer (death knight, warrior, paladin) you would do well going with blacksmithing/mining combinations or engineering/mining. Blacksmiths is very useful for making weapons and armor. While mining can either provide the materials for blacksmithing or provide you with some way of making money to pay for expenses. While engineering provides you with cool gadgets and abilities that can aid you in pvp or in farming gold for WOTLK.

Cloth Wearers – If you are a cloth wearer (mage, priest, warlock) I suggest going with tailoring an enchanting. Tailoring allows you to create armor to help you while leveling. However it is self sufficient so you aren’t required to take another profession. However if you want to take another profession enchanting is the only other self sufficient profession out there. Plus greens you make with tailoring can help to raise enchanting.

Leather/Mail wearers – If you are a leather wearer (druid, rogue) or a mail wearer (shaman, hunter) you might consider going with leather working. This allows you to make leather armor at lower levels and then at higher levels it gives you the choice of specializing in armor classes (mail or leather). Skinning is the gathering profession that works best with leather working. It also provides a way of making quick, easy money to pay for other expenses. Skinning is a great way to farm gold in WOTLK.

WotLK Death Knight Guide to Talent Trees

In the Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft will be introduced to its first Hero class, the Death Knight. Many players are anxious to play this new melee/casting hybrid class and experiment with the new talent tree. The class should prove interesting to play, as it offers several different options of play, including tanking, support, and even some off healing.

The blood talent tree focuses on physical damage dealing abilities and is well suited for tanking and sustained DPS on single targets. The Death Knight self healing also helps minimize down time, which makes it popular for leveling. At the higher levels this build will allow for several options in Raids as an off-tank or DPS role.

The frost talent tree is used for critical burst damage with focus being on spells and control. There are no dedicated Frost builds that truly take advantage of everything the build has to offer, with most builds including a mix of either Blood or Unholy Talents. A combination of frost and unholy talents work well for PvP, while those looking to tank should stick with a mix of frost and blood talents.

The Unholy Tree focuses on spells, summons and diseases, as well as PvP focused abilities. These also make for decent tanking qualities and hybriding for DPS builds.

The Death Knight should prove not only to be a mighty opponent, but also a very adaptable group member. Once the expansion has been out for awhile and players have had a chance to play around with different builds for various situations, we should start to see some standardized builds.

WoTLK Leveling

Prepare yourselves, all World of Warcraft players! There will be a large amount of changes that will be implemented when the highly anticipated WotLK expansion is released, including an assortment of new heroes such as the Death Knight, new skills, destructible terrain and most importantly, the ability to advance your heroes to level 80.

There will be some changes with the levelling system when WotLK is released. According to official sources released by Blizzard, how you level up your characters and the amount of time it takes for you to reach level 80, your character’s full potential, will depend on your gameplay style. This means that there will probably other players who may be advancing faster than you are, because they are following leveling guides. These leveling guides were made specifically to help WoW players, beginner to advanced, stay one step ahead of other gamers. These guides also often form the best characters online.

The expansion will open up completely new realms of PvP battles including Wintergrasp, the completely new outdoor zone battle. Players will be able to take control of siege weapons to assist in the battles. Blizzard has promised there to be numerous customer characterizations that will greatly increase the diversity of gameplay and give knowledgeable players an edge over others.

If you are one of the players in WoW who are serious about winning, having the best items and customizations and leveling much faster than others, you might want to consider obtaining a leveling guide that will not only help you pick out the best choices for your class, but also help you become one of the most flexible players in WotLK to adapt entirely to the new environment and use it to your advantage.

600 Gold Per Hour Farming Fish Feasts in WotLK

The Fish Feasts are one of the best cooking buffs, and the most used raid buff given by cooks. You can make a lot of gold just farming the fish needed for the Fish Feast.

But of course you’ll need to know exactly what to fish and where to go, right? Well that’s where this quick guide will come into play.


Fishing Skill 400+

Fishing Pole

Lures that give you extra fishing.

(Find Fish, this ability really really helps)

Fish Feasts Materials

1x Northern spice

2x Musselback Sculpin

2x Glacial Salmon

2x Nettlefish

So the idea here is to fish up as many of the fish as possible, then to list them on the Auction House for a huge profit. Some servers may not even have anyone actively farming these, in which case you can make twice as much gold.

Musselback Sculpin

Really the only place worth mentioning is Lake Kum’uya Northeast of Warsong Hold. It has a 90% drop rate, and each node has 3-5 catches in it.

Glacial Salmon

Easily caught in the rivers of Grizzly Hills. It’s easiest to ride or fly along the river that runs north from the east side of Venture Bay then up to the lakes on the north side of the zone.


Fish up some of the Nettlefish Schools in Sholozar Basin, just follow the rivers and you will find plenty.

In just one hour you can easily catch enough fish for 20 or more fish feasts for yourself. I’ve found that you can easily list the stacks on the Auction House for 20g or more profit.

WoTLK Guide Review – Joana’s WoTLK Guide

For players looking for the best horde guide for the World of Warcraft game, Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide is exactly what you need. This guide had seen numerous updates for the Outland guide of the Burning Crusade, and just recently an update for the new World Of Warcraft expansion, Wrath Of The Lich King. The writer of this guide is one of the best World of Warcraft guide writers of today.

The strategies you’ll learn in this guide are all about conquering new servers. And you’ll do that with faster speed runs and streamlined journeys in the every level. If you take your game on new servers, it becomes easier for you to revise and tweak routes to use in the new runs. This guide is quite special because it isn’t composed of pure text alone. It is made up of videos, audios, and commentaries too. The guide also comes with the writer’s best speed run which he recorded and finished in four days and twenty hours worth of play time. Techniques and narration comes with each scene, to show you exactly the right way to use his strategies for your game. The Joana Horde Leveling guide is similar to the Brian alliance guide in such a way that they both use questing to acquire the amount of power necessary to wade yourself through the game’s tougher levels. When done right, you don’t have to grind yourself towards your destination.

The Joana Horde Guide is composed of over thirty-five hours worth of video of speed runs and commentaries. There are detailed step-by-step instructions included, which will teach you how to take a Horde character to the power level. The coordinates are mapped and a long list of add-ons is used to reach your desired level quickly. All the classes of Horde characters, including their respective starting areas were covered. The guide also touches on the route to the Blood Elves. Joana’s tips and strategies don’t include cheats – they are totally legal. He uses no hacks or bots in his games and methods so you won’t be accused of breaking the rules of World of Warcraft. This means no trouble for you.

Joana had recently updated the Horde Leveling guide for the Wrath Of The Lich King expansion. His guide now includes a 70 to 80 Northrend Guide. You can now complete quests in that level easily with his instructions to complete your quests fast and level your way to 80 in Northrend. The guide is expected to see more updates as the WoW game evolves. This means that your guide will always be evergreen for your Horde.

However, the guide is primarily all about leveling for power. It doesn’t necessarily include information about Alliance quests. For these, you are advised to check out the Brian Kopp guide. Joana also didn’t cover end game materials and instances as it doesn’t match his speed running forte. But of course, you can always integrate the new things and the important info you found in Joana’s guide to help you through the game, while still enjoying it in the mode that you prefer.