Retribution Paladin Leveling Build for Cataclysm

When leveling your Pally, you definitely want to use a Retribution Paladin Leveling Build to really make the most of your experience. Traditionally, one of the slowest levelers from World of Warcraft’s original incarnation, the Paladin has gotten some pretty substantial buffs throughout WoW’s expansions. Now the Paladin is an absolute powerhouse, but only if you really know how to play properly. Read on, and you will find out how to build your Paladin properly to maximize your experience.

Why Choose a Retribution Paladin Leveling Build?

Paladins are an iconic class in World of Warcraft, and are highly desired in the end game raids. However, without the proper build, you won’t be getting there anytime soon. Retribution is absolutely the best solo questing spec for your Paladin. When comparing specs, you need to take into account a few different factors and weigh each of the specs against them. Those qualities are DPS, Survivability, and Resource Management. Holy has survivability because you can heal yourself all day long. However you will eventually run out of mana, and you have very few offensive abilities as a holy Paladin. Prot offers excellent survivability and superb resource management. However, Prot is somewhat lacking DPS in groups smaller than 5 mobs. Unless you plan to level by mass pulling, or spend your entire time in dungeons, Ret has the best DPS for questing, and has several abilities to restore both health and mana to keep downtime to a minimum. These factors combined make your best choice the Retribution Paladin Leveling Build. Prot, however, makes an excellent second spec for those especially difficult pulls.

Glyphs for your Retribution Paladin Leveling Build

Your glyphs are just as important as your talent points. These have a direct impact on the abilities you will be using for solo questing and DPS. The three Prime Glyphs you will be using are Judgement, Templar’s Verdict, and Crusader Strike. These are the top three abilities you will be using in your rotation, and these glyphs directly increase their damage. The Major Glyphs you will be using are Lay on Hands, Ascetic Crusader, and Hammer of Wrath. Lay on Hands is a great survivability mechanic, and lowering the cooldown can drastically increase your survival. Ascetic Crusader and Hammer of Wrath with reduced mana costs assure that you will continue moving with no downtime. Your final Minor glyphs will be Seal of Righteousness, Blessing of Kings, and Blessing of Might. You don’t have much choice, but you will definitely want to choose glyphs that increase your mana efficiency, so you reduce your downtime significantly.

Gearing for your Retribution Paladin Leveling Build

The Ret Paladin is a powerhouse, but he is very dependent on his gear. You will be wearing mail until level 40, and you will want to upgrade to plate as soon as possible after then. You also want to use a big, slow, heavy hitting 2-handed weapon. Strength is your primary DPS stat, and Stamina will be your primary survival stat. These are pretty much tied to your item level of your gear, so you don’t need to worry too much about these. Hit and Expertise aren’t so important since while leveling, you’re going to be concerned more with burst damage than consistency. You will want to stack Critical Strike Rating, and Haste. These stack up pretty evenly against each other, but I like Haste because it lowers the cooldown of Crusader Strike and Divine Storm, and also increases the frequency of Art of War Procs.

WoTLK Leveling

Prepare yourselves, all World of Warcraft players! There will be a large amount of changes that will be implemented when the highly anticipated WotLK expansion is released, including an assortment of new heroes such as the Death Knight, new skills, destructible terrain and most importantly, the ability to advance your heroes to level 80.

There will be some changes with the levelling system when WotLK is released. According to official sources released by Blizzard, how you level up your characters and the amount of time it takes for you to reach level 80, your character’s full potential, will depend on your gameplay style. This means that there will probably other players who may be advancing faster than you are, because they are following leveling guides. These leveling guides were made specifically to help WoW players, beginner to advanced, stay one step ahead of other gamers. These guides also often form the best characters online.

The expansion will open up completely new realms of PvP battles including Wintergrasp, the completely new outdoor zone battle. Players will be able to take control of siege weapons to assist in the battles. Blizzard has promised there to be numerous customer characterizations that will greatly increase the diversity of gameplay and give knowledgeable players an edge over others.

If you are one of the players in WoW who are serious about winning, having the best items and customizations and leveling much faster than others, you might want to consider obtaining a leveling guide that will not only help you pick out the best choices for your class, but also help you become one of the most flexible players in WotLK to adapt entirely to the new environment and use it to your advantage.

Priest Leveling Guide – How to Level a Priest in World of Warcraft

Leveling a priest in World of Warcraft is pretty straight forward. Learn some tips to help you do it so much faster.

Leveling a priest in World of Warcraft is fairly straight forward. There are some alternate techniques, but for the most part there is one way of leveling your priest.

What to do with your priest at the early levels of the game?

At first you might find the priest a bit frustrating. As a cloth wearer with lower hit points, they tend to die quite a bit easier than other classes since there is no way of getting away from groups of mobs. Be patient with the class. After about level 20 it does get quite a bit better.

Focus on the shadow tree for maximizing damage.

The reason that leveling a priest is easy is because there aren’t many options when it comes to dealing damage. Put your talents points into the shadow tree to do the most damage possible since this will help you level up faster. When you are doing more damage, you will get more experience points when you are playing the game per hour.

Should you have healing talents while leveling?

For the first at least 60 levels of the game, you can still heal fine even with all points in the shadow tree. What you need to do along the way is put up healing items and rewards. Keep a healing set of gear on you so that you can go into the healer role when needed. Even as a shadow priest, many will expect you to heal in pick up groups, but it won’t be hard with healing gear on even without healing talents.

Is grinding or questing better for leveling up?

A shadow priest is a class that can grind effectively because if done right there is little downtime. This does get old after awhile as questing is more fun. If you want to enjoy your experience, focus on doing quests.

Ashling’s Warhammer Online Leveling Guide Review

Ashling’s warhammer online leveling guide is one of the first guides published for this game. Ashling’s team has been playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning every since early days of beta, but don’t let that fool you: the guide is updated and always will be for the latest patches. You won’t find any information in this leveling guide that is outdated or no longer works.

Ashling’s leveling guide features unprecedented leveling path optimized for the casual players, meaning you do not have to play ten hours each day to reach rank 40. All quests, public quests, mob locations and quest items are described in detail, so you will never have to double-check the information on various online database sites. Ashling’s guide is written in easy to understand language, and the leveling path described in the guide is easy to follow and understand even for new players who don’t have much experience with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, or other MMO games such as World of Warcraft or Age of Conan.

This is not one of those guides which only gives you a list of quests and tell you nothing else. Ashling’s Warhammer Online leveling guide will tell you exactly where to pick up the quest, where the required monster or quest item is, and where to turn it in. Furthermore, you won’t be wasting any time or get lost on any of the maps in Age of Reckoning, because Ashling made sure you always know exactly where you’re going. There’s also a comprehensive list of public quest for each area, which will tell you which of them have useful rewards for your career choice, and which of them are a waste of your time.

Ashling’s guide also includes doing RvR scenarios while leveling up, and that is a big plus. Unlike other guides, with Ashling’s you do not have to resort to grinding mobs for experience or doing low level quests on other areas which are hard to reach.

Brian Kopp’s WoTLK Leveling Guide Review

Just as Joana is known for his leveling guide that focuses on horde, Brian Kopp is also known for his leveling guide that mainly focuses on alliance. If you’re leveling through Northrend under alliance, you’ll definitely want to check out Brian’s new alliance leveling guide for WoTLK. While there are some guide authors out there that do offer guides for both horde and alliance, it is usually better to buy a guide that focuses specifically on either alliance or horde. Why do I say this? Well, most people either prefer leveling as horde or alliance. It’s better to get a guide that specializes particularly on either horde or alliance as these guides have more depth to them, and the authors of these guides usually have more specialized experience compared to other guide authors who provide leveling guides for both horde and alliance.

With that being said, the question most people seem to be wondering about is whether or not Brian Kopp’s guide is the best guide that specializes on alliance. Right now, yes it is. In fact, it is the ONLY guide that specializes on alliance leveling at the moment.

At the time of writing this article, Brian Kopp’s guide is yet to be released. News is that Brian is planning to release his new guide for WoTLK on the same day of WoTLK’s release (November 13), or a little after that. Most likely on the 13th though. I was one of the lucky few to get a free copy of his new guide, because I was actually on his first few customers from back when he first released his alliance leveling guide.

Brian’s new WoTLK guide covers leveling through Northrend, talent guides for all 9 alliance classes, and does not involve any cheats or hacks of any kind. The only thing the guide doesn’t cover is gold. For now, we’re mainly concerned about leveling. If you are after a gold making guide, I’d recommend T Dub’s WoTLK Secrets guide. What makes Brian’s alliance guide even better is the fact that it comes with a virtual WoW “GPS System” which basically guides you through every step of the way in-game, which pretty much eliminates the need to alt-tab to read the guide in PDF format. The entire guide will be viewable in-game in a resizable screen, which you’ll also be able to adjust the transparency of to your liking. Also, when in minimized mode, you will still be able to see the current step by mousing over it. Everything is also explained in clear and easy to understand steps, so you’ll never get lost in translation. There are videos, images and screenshots, coordinates, and specific instructions to guide you through every step of the way.

I can’t really stress it enough. If you’re leveling under alliance, the best choice is Brian Kopp’s guide, and if you’re leveling under horde, the best choice would definitely have to be Joana’s guide. Both guides come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, which you most likely will forget about once you indulge in the content of either of the guides.