Facebook Game – Medical Mayhem Review

My parents always wanted me to be a doctor when I grow up! Now I finally have a chance to be one! Here I am, right behind Facebook and in the comfort of my home. Medical Mayhem is actually a tribute to the TV Show Scrubs. Vojoworld put a lot of effort in trying to create a game that can be enjoy by the fans of the cult TV Series and also new comers to the world of Medical practice.


Medical Mayhem has one of the oddest gameplay I have seen in Facebook for a long time. Unlike any simulators that players encounter in Facebook, Medical Mayhem surely is one that you will never forget after sinking your head 2 hours into the game.

First thing I do notice about this game was the dark humor. The way this game portrays how hospital should be run is really the opposite of what you see in actual life. Highly train doctors are more like mad scientist or doctor quack that has either no idea of what they are doing or just plain MAD. Nurses are highly brainless with hot sexy bodies which flirt with their patients. While playing this game you will wonder at times if you are actually running a hospital or a mental asylum?

Now the game mechanics work rather easy. The tutorial will guide players how to built up your hospital and make sure that it is properly furnish before your grand opening. Rooms and medical research can be upgraded and there is no need to monitor your workers. Everything is done automatically, making it easy for players to manage the game. Players can even leave the game running for days without worrying to check back on the progress.

Interesting part of the game is of course upgrading your hospital. If you read all the small notes that come with it, you will probably rolling on the floor laughing. Upgrading any of the hospital facilities allow player to see how the doctors works and how they utilize their medical practice. Researching on new medical breakthroughs or even training your staff can be a lot of fun in this game.

Aside from tending to your daily management this game also provides players with various types of mini-games which are refresh every 5 minutes you play it. Most of the mini-games are rather similar to what you find in other Facebook games, except that it is more twisted. You have to play to find out about it yourself.

Once done with all the normal routine, if players feel like causing some chaos on your beloved neighbors, Medical Mayhems provide a few small, but devastating ways to ensure that your neighbors will either love you or hate you to death. You can send spies to spy on their progress, use sexy nurses to flirt with their customers or even destroy the way they run their hospitals. This is fun for those who really love to get some revenge on their friends.


Not really the best graphic you seen in Facebook. The game is lacking in colors and options to zoom closer to take a look at your hospital in details. One lucky thing is that this game is so funny that you would not really mind how the game looks.


No sound whatsoever in this game. This is a waste, really.


If you love the TV Show Scrubs and definitely want something that is totally different from the other Facebook games, I would really recommend you play Medical Mayhem.

Rating to this game is 4 out of 5.

Online Game Rentals

There are a lot of choices these days in popular video games, so if the classic Super Mario outwore its welcome some odd years ago, don’t fret. Online game rental services equip the most seasoned gamers or newbies with a huge variety of game titles. Reminiscent of how Netflix invented the Internet DVD rental service, the niche-following of gaming has been revolutionized.

Video game rentals make up around $700 million of market share, boasting ever-growing consumer interest in this new gaming trend. However, many video game rental services still struggle to convert the more traditional bunch, who argue that it’s just as easy to stop by the video store and rent out Resident Evil 4.

6Star Reviews.com reported that one online game rental site, Gamefly, understands this typical train of thought and is molding their pricing schemes and features to fit all kinds of customer needs. The great thing about the Internet is the ability of businesses to offer special perks and bonuses with relative ease. Many services like Gamefly offer introductory pricing, with add-ons like complimentary gamer magazine subscriptions included in the cost of a plan. You can also choose a plan that matches your rental habits-like one out a time or even five or more.

A huge plus in renting video games online is the ability to sort through extensive databases by game console, genre, or even by rating. Popular rental service GottaPlay even has ‘Mom Approved’ games for you parents out there questioning your child’s interest in video games period. For you adult gamers, you’ll appreciate the flexible membership plans and two-way mailers that many sites provide. Entertainment has never been easier.

Crunchball 3000 – Flash Game Review

Crunchball 3000 is an exciting sports based game similar to American football. The objective is simple, to touch the ball down on your opponents touchline, and prevent your opponents from touching it down on yours. Succeed with this, and you will go far.

The controls may take several games to become familiar with, it uses the regular WASD keys, but it also has GHJP keys that require regular use. The game play itself isn’t too fast paced so it’s relatively easy to grasp and before long you will not need to look at the keyboard.

There are several types of games available to you;


Here you can take control of a team for many seasons, improve your players and customize the kit. You may spend money that you have earned from previous games in order to pay for training to improve certain aspects of your players, such as strength. You can even bribe your opponents to play ‘under’ their average standard, or even buy enhancement drugs. All these are available to aid you in winning the Crunchball League, whether it is legitimate or not.

Single Player Match:

Here you can participate in a game straight away, simply select your team and the match will begin straight away.

2 Player Match:

Here you play with the same keyboard using preset teams so there aren’t any disadvantages. It can become slightly tricky as the keyboard becomes crowded and shooting downwards can be awkward.

If at any time you wish to view your progress, then you may view the statistics tab on the main menu, here you can view your weaknesses and you win/loss ratio.

Crunchball 3000 is a very competitive game, against harder teams you may lose several times and full attention is needed. Also, you must pay attention to the current formation, changing it to suite what the current score is. For example if you are winning then you may want to go defensive, if you are losing only marginally then you are going to want to use an attacking formation. This is important because you may only control one person at a time, so this decides where the rest of the team position themselves.

In conclusion, Crunchball 3000 is a fun game and can provide many hours of enjoyment. It also comes with a two player option to compare your skills with your friends, sparking the competitive streak inside you.

Nanovor – Free Online Battle Game Review

Online gaming is a craze that is spreading like wild fire and gripping the world like never before. And to this amazing virtual world Nanovor holds a commendable position and is one of the most sought after online games present today.

Nanovor is based on a very innovative concept and involves flashy monsters and other sci fi stuff that generally is pretty common amongst kids these days.In the game Lucas Nelson a science wizards discovers a whole range of creatures living inside his computer in a totally new and different nanoscopic world of their own.The world is completed populated by silicon based monsters that are called Nanovor and they are wild and are out there to fight and will fight till the end.

Nanovor allows the user to create their own swarm of Nanovor and challenge each other in a one on one battle. It is very much similar to the legendary game of pokemon that gripped the world and revolutionized the animation world all together.

The concept of the game play is very simple. The user collects Nanovors, which are the silicon based monsters living inside the computer. The user collects a bunch of these monsters to make their swarm and then they can challenge other player for one on one battle. The outcome of the battle is based on the attacks that are chosen by the user and whether they are effective on the opposite swarm of Nanovors.

The other interesting feature of the game is that the Nanovors evolve over a given amount of time. The Nanovors get more experienced and as more badges and accomplishments are earned your Nanovors gets better, so the result of the battle is not entirely dependent on the rarity of the card or the Nanovors for that matter. Though the rarity factor exists, but it’s the more experienced and skilled Nanovors that will be crowned the winner. At the core Nanovor is a completely strategy based game that can be very captivating and entangling for all age groups. Also one added feature to the game is the trade feature. You can trade your Nanovors cards online. You can also asses your trade in a real market place scenario and can be rest assured that you won’t be ripped of your card just like that.

In all Nanovor is a very innovative and addictive game that can be played both online and also solo. The more you practice the more evolved your Nanovors gets and more battles you win. It also provides the feature of Nanoscope that is a small flash enabled device that gives you an option of playing the game offline as well and also compete against each other while watching your Nanovors jump off from one screen to the other to attack the opponent. The Nanoscope is a small device that has an LCD for display purposes. The online version is up and running from August 1st and the Nanoscope is expected to hit the stores by October this year. Till then get your gears ready and get all set to roll with Nanovor!

Fragger – Game Review

Remember the game worms? Remember how annoying it was to use the grenades? Well here you can relive your past. Fragger is an extremely straightforward grenade throwing game, but is there anything more to it? Let’s take a look and find out.

Fragger launches us straight in at the deep end, there is no story, no hello, no nothing. Harold Brenes (the creator) wanted to get straight down to some gaming, and who can blame him. The whole concept of Fragger is to throw grenades next to your enemies to blow them up; the challenge comes in with the map designs. Some enemies may be behind obstacles, while others may be in crevasses.

There are 30 levels to be played across 3 difficulty settings, normal, hard and elite. Each one can only be unlocked by finishing the previous one. The difference between the difficulty settings are the amount of grenades you are allowed to throw, for example, normal may give you 8 grenades, hard 6 and elite 3, this means you are required to be much more accurate on the higher difficulty settings. You can view the amount of grenades you have left in the top left hand corner of your screen. When you complete each setting you receive a nice firework display, and an additional reward for the next stage.

The controls are some of the most basic you will come across, direct your target with your mouse, and hold down the mouse button to generate power. Also some particularly handy controls, especially if you are as bad as me, are the R and space buttons. The R button resets the current level you are on, and the space bar just scraps that stray grenade you just threw.

As you progress through levels, each one is supposed to become harder than the last. For example, the first level is just one man in a big hole, and the last level comprises of several people in a barricaded house.

On most levels you can instantly work out your tactics, but on some later levels, you should always devise a strategy before throwing your grenades. You will often find that one target needs to be taken out before you can progress. However, while you may find some levels a pain, Fragger does not need to be anything more than a simple game, because of its addictive game play, and this is why it is such a popular game.