Fragger – Game Review

Remember the game worms? Remember how annoying it was to use the grenades? Well here you can relive your past. Fragger is an extremely straightforward grenade throwing game, but is there anything more to it? Let’s take a look and find out.

Fragger launches us straight in at the deep end, there is no story, no hello, no nothing. Harold Brenes (the creator) wanted to get straight down to some gaming, and who can blame him. The whole concept of Fragger is to throw grenades next to your enemies to blow them up; the challenge comes in with the map designs. Some enemies may be behind obstacles, while others may be in crevasses.

There are 30 levels to be played across 3 difficulty settings, normal, hard and elite. Each one can only be unlocked by finishing the previous one. The difference between the difficulty settings are the amount of grenades you are allowed to throw, for example, normal may give you 8 grenades, hard 6 and elite 3, this means you are required to be much more accurate on the higher difficulty settings. You can view the amount of grenades you have left in the top left hand corner of your screen. When you complete each setting you receive a nice firework display, and an additional reward for the next stage.

The controls are some of the most basic you will come across, direct your target with your mouse, and hold down the mouse button to generate power. Also some particularly handy controls, especially if you are as bad as me, are the R and space buttons. The R button resets the current level you are on, and the space bar just scraps that stray grenade you just threw.

As you progress through levels, each one is supposed to become harder than the last. For example, the first level is just one man in a big hole, and the last level comprises of several people in a barricaded house.

On most levels you can instantly work out your tactics, but on some later levels, you should always devise a strategy before throwing your grenades. You will often find that one target needs to be taken out before you can progress. However, while you may find some levels a pain, Fragger does not need to be anything more than a simple game, because of its addictive game play, and this is why it is such a popular game.

Facebook Game – Tennis Mania Review

Tennis is one of the sports which is worth playing either in real life or in a virtual one. In Tennis Mania, players will be thrown in with a ghost player (Real player skills being recorded by the server and then loaded as if you are playing with a real player) into a one to one match.

The game is straight forward and follows the rules of tennis, there will be fault and scoring accounted on where the ball lands. All player has to do is to ensure that the ball they hit landed on the other side of the court and hopefully do not get a fault.

The game play is rather easy as there are only 3 keys in use. The keys are consisting of the left and right arrow keys and the space bar. Running around the screen and getting a better position is rather useless in this game as I found that the AI can perform super accurate counter shot even you shoot it to the other side of the court. Furthermore, players will keep missing the tennis ball as it fly pass way over to the other side of the court. The game is rather one sided, it is very hard for me to score even one shot at times.


Very plain and nothing much can be said about the graphic part.


No music, only sound of ball getting hit and bounce. This is rather disappointing.


I would really like to play tennis in Facebook, but Tennis Mania is not one of them. Aside from the game play not being balance, I also find that the application loves to publish your status of your wall and flood your friends’ Facebook walls as well. Avoid this game at all cause unless you really love tennis.

Rating to this game is a 1 out of 5.