Death Knight Leveling Build for WoW

The Death Knight is the newest addition to World of Warcraft, and has since undergone many changes. Initially, the ideal Death Knight Leveling Build was the Blood Tree, while Frost Death Knights were tanks. Now, however, Blood is the tanking tree, while Frost and Unholy are the DPS specs. However, if you are looking at a Death Knight Leveling Build, I would strongly suggest the Unholy tree, for a number of reasons.

Speed – Even before you get Unholy Presence, you can spec into Improved Unholy Presence to receive the constant 15% movement speed increase. Since the majority of time questing is actually travel, you will definitely benefit from this over any of the other specs. Frost’s talent, “On a Pale Horse” is a great talent for movement speed as well, but only affects mounted movement speed, while Unholy Presence buffs movement speed at all time.

DPS – OK, both Frost and Unholy specs have great high end DPS. However, with an Unholy Death Knight Leveling Build, you have more consistent DPS. Frost Death Knights rely on procs and burst damage, while Unholy is consistently powerful. A Frost DK can easily down a mob in 3-4 seconds or even less. However, without procs like Killing Machine or Rime, it’s more like 6-7 seconds. With an Unholy build, you’re right in the middle at 4-5 seconds. Over the course of 5-10 kills, Unholy pulls out ahead with more consistent damage. In fact, when chain pulling Unholy becomes more effective because you can activate Dark Transformation and then your Ghoul really starts kicking out the damage.

Survivability – Frost has some very limited survivability mechanics. Hungering Cold and Lichborne are essentially your only options for escape or self healing as a Frost Death Knight. However, with an Unholy Death Knight Leveling Build, you can still spec into Lichborne, you have your ghoul to eat up some of the damage for you, a lower cooldown on summoning your ghoul if you need to use death pact, and the combination of a movement speed bonus, as well as a speed debuff to your targets with Desecration is more than enough to avoid incoming damage or escape to safety.

Mass Killing – Here is where the Unholy Death Knight Leveling Build really pulls ahead of Frost. As Unholy, you get a powerful boost to your diseases through talents like Epidemic, Contagion, Ebon Plaguebringer, and your mastery, Dreadblade. This boost to your diseases allows you to pick up multiple mobs, and burn them down while kiting them through your desecrated ground, and letting your ghoul finish them off.

When you combine these factors, you have a powerhouse in your Unholy Death Knight Leveling Build. As a second spec, you can always choose Frost, though I would recommend you pick up Blood. With Blood you can pull larger groups or meaner elites and still walk away.

However, the proper talent spec isn’t going to do the job if you don’t know where you’re going. You need to follow an optimized path in order to really get the maximum experience per hour. In order to get to level 85 in the shortest time possible, you need to follow an optimized questing route in order to compliment your Death Knight Leveling Build.

Zygor Vs Joanna Vs Dugi – Leveling Guide Showdown

This is a showdown between the top 3 leveling guides available. You have a choice between Zygor’s Horde and Alliance Leveling guides, Joanna’s Horde Leveling Guide, and Dugi’s Horde and Alliance Leveling guides. All 3 of these guides are good, but which ones are great? That’s what we will determine today.

Let’s start by examining what these guides offer.

Zygor’s Horde and Alliance Leveling Strategies offer an addon which guides you through the game, a “talent advisor” which is also an addon that helps you determine where to put your talents. These 2 great addons keep you from having any un-needed downtime, and maximizes your leveling time.

Joana’s only comes in a horde form. There is no offer for an alliance guide. There is no addon available. The maps for directions are confusing, and the layout is fairly inconsistent. However, the directions are still good. Joana’s offers videos for most of the leveling process to see how it various parts are completed.

Dugi’s come as both. It includes an addon, and a text web based guide similar to Joana’s. However, it doesn’t do either of these things as well as the other 2 choices. The addon is not nearly as polished as Zygor’s. While the text portion isn’t nearly as thorough as Joana’s.

So what do I prefer? Well I prefer the most efficient guide possible. Which one is that, you ask? Well let’s take Dugi’s out of the equation, since it lacks any real substance. It’s down to Joana and Zygor.

Joana’s Leveling guide is excellent, no doubt about it. But having to alt-tab and read directions, or flip through a print out to follow directions is a huge hassle. While it is efficient, it’s just not efficient enough.

Zygor’s Guide’s require no printing or alt tabbing, and the routes it takes you on are highly efficient. It really is a perfect guide. So without a doubt I recommend this guide over every other leveling guide to level your character.

Pixie Hollow – Virtual Worlds for Girls

Pixie Hollow is a massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) aimed at girls from age 6 to 13. Tinker Bell is the guide and mascot of this online game that was developed by Disney. The game is website-based – there is no need to download any files. The only major requirements are that users have Adobe Flash Player, 512MB of RAM and a broadband internet connection.

The design and graphics are done in typical quality Disney fashion – clean, clear, well-defined and with depth. Pixie Hollow is free to join; however, in order for players to experience the full features of the website, a paid membership is required. A monthly membership is $5.95; six months is $29.95; and an annual membership is $57.95. Membership cards can also be bought in person through major toy stores. A full membership allows players to play all the games featured on the website and add accessories to their online life.


Every member who joins Pixie Hollow gets to choose a fairy that will be their virtual personality. In the beginning, members were only able to choose fairies. Currently, there is also a male version of a fairy called a Sparrow Man. A paid membership allows players to shop; obtain a larger virtual home; obtain clothing; play all games on the website (including all quests and adventures); have a pet; and create their own crafts.

What’s Good

Pixie Hollow will appeal mainly to girls under 10 years of age who are interested in the world of fantasy and make believe. The graphics are exceptionally clean and clear with depth and detail, much like Disney’s cartoons and films. There is no violence, drinking, drugs or smoking on the website or in the flash games. Pixie Hollow encourages its members to engage in creativity and imagination by submitting original material and losing themselves in a fantasy world of magic and fun.

What’s Bad

Like many other children’s virtual worlds, Pixie Hollow is divided into two different categories: fun and fantasy for younger children; and risqué chat for tweens and teens. Younger members who are attracted to the Disney themes of innocence and fantasy won’t find much in common with those older members who are more into socializing. Pixie Hollow does have chat filters in place, but they have to realize that members will constantly get around these filters and type in words that look and sound inappropriate – even if the filters don’t catch them. It’s great that members can chat to one another, but if it’s not regulated with force, it brings down the credibility of the entire website.

Online Safety

Even though Pixie Hollow claims that they have strict guidelines for appropriate behavior, they have to understand that certain members will break the rules. Opening up chat so that members can type in suggestive language doesn’t seem like a Disney thing to do. Sure, members will be punished for doing this, but it shouldn’t have been committed in the first place. Pixie Hollow has no control over who joins their website; however, they do have control over what members say. In this regard, Pixie Hollow is not doing a good job and needs to be more vigilant.

WoW Lockpicking – There’s No Lock You Can’t Open

Lockpicking is a specific skill available to Rogues only. When a Rogue gets to level 16, he is able to train the Pick Lock ability at his class trainer. A Rogue skilled in Lockpicking is able to unlock various footlockers, doors, chests and lockboxes which come as a drop from various mobs.

Is Lockpicking considered to be a real profession?

Lockpicking works similar to other professions. One can train it and skill it up. Once he reaches the max skill in Lockpicking, a Rogue can unlock almost everything.

How to skillup Lockpicking?

There is a simple answer to this. A Rogue is able to skill up only by picking various locks. The leveling itself functions similar to gathering professions. To skillup you should find locks of adequate level that will match the lockpicking level you have at the moment. We can’t really say that Lockpicking is easy to skill up but you will definitely find good assistance from your class trainer who will point you to the areas where you will have the best chance of finding footlockers.

Why only Rogues?

Dark and mysterious, Rogues are the ones who hide in the shadows. Most of their game play is based on sneaking and being in stealth. These characteristics make them suitable for treasure hunt and unlocking the secrets. They are able to sneak to a guarded chest, lock pick it, take all the treasure and disappear into the shadows. Hiding and being invisible are their main advantages.

Special items available for Lockpicking

There is one special piece of armor that can help you with Lockpicking – Dark Leather Gloves. You should ask a Leatheworker to assist you in making these gloves since the give 5 extra points in Lockpicking. These gloves also reduce the chance of failure when it comes to your lockpicking attempts and they add to a better range for your Lockpicking ability.


If it happens that you are not a Rogue or that your Lockpicking skill isn’t high enough to unlock something you want, there will be a few other alternatives.

Find a Blacksmith since he will be able to craft Skeleton keys that are also used to unlock locks. A BS is able to obtain four different key recipes at his BS trainer. With each recipe he will be able to craft two keys.

An Engineer can also prove to be useful with his Seaforium Charges that also have a purpose to open locked doors and chests.

Should I charge for my Lockpicking services?

Charging a fee for Lockpicking service depends on a Rogue player. If you see a Rogue offering his Lockpicking services through the Trade Channel then he might be charging, otherwise he will say that it is for free. Most of the time this won’t be the case since most Rogues do not offer their Lockpicking services publicly.

Approaching the Rogue for his assistance

If you have gathered many lockboxes and you are curious what can you find inside, try to ask any of your guild mates who is skilled in Lockpicking to open them for you. If you can’t find anybody you know to help you out you should approach any Rogue you come across. Make sure to be polite and you ask if he is willing to help you before engaging in a trade.

Items from lockboxes

There are many different items that one can find in various lockboxes, from uncommon items to even rare and epic as well as patterns, plans and schematics.

Parking Games – A Right Combination of Training and Fun

No age limit has been set when it comes to playing games online. Whether you are a kid or an adult – there is a lot to be explored especially when you have decided to enjoy some of your vacant periods using your PC or mobile phone equipped with high-speed internet connection.

A significant growth in the number of those who love playing parking games for many hours has been noticed in the last few years. There are countless number of online parking games to select from. With each game, you will get a chance to learn unique parking skills and, of course, to have fun that you always seek for in an online gaming activity. There are three levels in parking games – easy, moderate and expert. The game continues getting tougher with passing each level of the game.

Out of all the ones available on different gaming websites, car parking games are the most popular ones. They will help you to learn the general pattern to follow. With playing such games, you can be rest assured of being aware about the essential techniques involved in the car parking. All these games generally come with three levels – a beginner level, medium level and an advanced level.

When you play a basic level, you will be required to park your car in a big-sized parking place between two other vehicles. A very tight spot is given to you to park your vehicle when you reach to the advance level to play. The performance of parallel parking, diagonal parking and 90 degree parking is must for each player no matter what kind of level you are playing right away.

Truck parking games are a little bit different from other parking games available online. Of course, you have to deal with some different parameters while opting for such games. Just check all the instructions properly before going to be engaged in such activity. A regular car gamer doesn’t get a chance to deal with a dimension of physics that he or she can enjoy while playing trailer trucks.

Apart from car and truck parking, bus parking games are also liked by a good number of online game lovers from all across the world. They are perfect to those who are used to operate big-sized four wheeler and keen to learn various aspects of parking. They provide users with a wonderful opportunity to learn while have fun. With bus parking 3D, you would feel that you are parking your real bus in a real-like bus parking spot.

The internet world has a huge stock for various versions of parking games that are absolutely free to play; however some also ask for a reasonable amount to give users a quick access to use them. Free parking games are also interactive and interesting and include a large number of audiences from all across the world. You are always advised to check the reviews of your chosen online game before making a final decision to play.