Bingo Schedules

It is a busy world we live in and everybody has their own busy schedules juggling multiple daily tasks of their own. How do we ensure players can get the most fun out of their limited time?

As online bingo continues to grow the amount of sites appearing across the web is phenomenal. All with the same aim of providing endless fun for those who love bingo as well as the chance to make friends along with the excitement of possibly winning a huge jackpot.

Bingo providers all come rolling up with their sparkling shiny new sites with fancy graphics and generous offerings. Whether new or old a bingo site generally tends to offer a vast variety of games to play in order to entice bingo players.

A usual feature on a bingo sites will be a timetable of what bingo games they offer and at what times they are due to start. This feature is fine for players who are happy to stick to the site they love and are happy with the times that the site is offering their favourite games. But for those players who are new to bingo, or would like to consider playing games from a variety of sites, or are searching to play their favourite games at specifics times then one sites timetable is just not going to provide them with all the information they need.

The answer. Rather then have a player search around the never ending web one site is providing a schedule from all the big names in the online bingo world. Players simply click on the schedules tab located at the top of their home page and select which schedule they want to browse. Having all the schedules on one site allows players to quickly skim through and see which bingo providers and offering their favourite games without having to visit each site individually. Making life much easier and their valuable time better spent.

As online bingo sites regularly change their games offerings and times the schedules ensures players will never be left disappoint due to a missed gamed as the schedules will only be showing the most up-to-date information.

If a player has a spare hour they can quickly look what games take their fancy and who is offering that game at that particular time and simply take their pick. If one site is not offering what they want at a particular time they can simply check which other sites are. The time players save searching for their favourite games they can use to play more of their beloved bingo games.

The schedules will be particularly useful to players that are new to the online bingo world and they will be easily able to find a game that suits them. After seeing the schedules players maybe inclined to try a Bingo provider that they were previously unaware of giving benefit to the bingo providers. A schedule can be viewed at

Players will also be able to save time by bookmarking their favourite schedule pages with bookmarking sites such as digg, facebook, and stumbleupon. Bookmarks will allow players to save their favourite links, organise and access them from any computer with an internet connection around the world.

The schedules will play a fundamental part in player’s time management and can actively give them more free time for more fun! Along with game schedules the site also provides bingo site reviews, latest news, promotions, details on how to play bingo, bingo lingo, history of bingo, Bingo rules and fun free games to play.

WoW Leatherworking – Gear Up & Trade!

As one of the crafting profession in the World of Warcraft, Leatherworking can be used to create a variety of great items. At first you will focus on creating Leather Armor but you should know that Leatherworking is more than that.

You probably know that you are going to need loads of leather for the Leatherworking profession. This is why the Skinning profession along with it is a good idea because you will be able to gather all the materials yourself.

While you skill up you will be given a choice to specialize into making different types of items including Mail Armor, we will discuss this later on though.

Next to the armor you can make you can also make useful and profitable items like leather bags. Besides this you can also craft armor kits that can be used to improve some items or can be sold as well. A Leatherworker can also create Leg Armors which are great because you can apply these on the armor you wear to make it stronger.

What’s nice about a Leatherworker is that he or she can also create Leg Armors which are soulbound and can only be applied on the Leatherworker’s own gear. These special Leg Armors are of course of a better quality than the Leg Armors that can be traded. Besides these Leg Armors one can also craft Fur Linings that can be applied on the Leatherworker’s bracers in order to improve these heavily.

A Leatherworker can make different kinds of Fur Linings and basically a Fur Lining can be made for different purposes like improving the spellcasting, tanking or dps capabilities of the Leatherworker.

As you reach the higher levels of the Leatherworking profession you can specialize yourself in specific branches of Leatherworking:

  • Dragonscale Leatherworking. Leather is not the only type of armor you can make with Leatherworking. If a Leatherworker chooses Dragonscale Leatherworking he or she will be able to craft Mail Armor. Hunters and Shamans will benefit from this because they can use this type of armor.
  • Elemental Leatherworking. This type of Leatherworking has been designed for players who wear leather and have taken the Leatherworking profession. If you choose this type of Leatherworking you will be able to create armor specially designed for casters.
  • Tribal Leatherworking. Feral Druids and Rogues are the type of characters that will benefit from this branch. This type of Leatherworking will allow Leatherworkers to create items that will improve their melee damage and tanking capabilities.

Being able to specialize yourself in particular parts of Leatherworking is great because you can then fulfill the needs of your character better. If you specialize yourself in one branch you can still craft many good items that are available to all three types of Leatherworkers.

Leatherworking is great for any class that has to depend on Leather and Mail armor like Shamans, Hunters, Druids and Rogues. Because Leatherworkers can craft several items that many players need it can also be a profitable profession.

Besides the bags and armor kits etc. you can also create a variety of epic and rare items that can be sold on the Auction House. Since a Leatherworker also has the advantage of being able to make Fur Linings and Kits for his or her own armor you can say that you can benefit a lot from taking up this profession.

If you want to get the most out of Leatherworking as a WoW Profession, then check out our WoW Leatherworking Guide for more on leveling your character and making tons of Gold, plus a video review of Dugi’s Dailies and a link to Penn’s Professions Guide, one of the most comprehensive and coolest World of Warcraft Professions Guides available.

WoW Engineering – Crazy Inventors and Junk Keepers

When it comes to fun professions in WoW, Engineering is the word. Engineers have a task to combine and create various parts in order to produce various useful items and even junk. They can craft different types of bombs, guns and bullets, head armor pieces, crazy pets, repair bots, ground vehicles and even flying vehicles!

A lot of players choos to level up Engineering not only because it’s fun but also because of some special items like a Flying Machine, which is a fantastic flying mount. An Engineer needs to have his skill on 300 so he can pick up schematics from Niobe Whizzlespark (Shadowmoon Valley) that will teach him how to craft this mount.

Is Engineering difficult to level up?

You need to understand that Engineering differs from all other professions. It requires a lot of time but at the end it will definitely be worth it. Mining as a profession helps greatly when it comes to fast leveling of Engineering simply because Engineering requires metal products. If you do not want to take Mining as your second profession it will be possible to skillup Engineering but with a lot gold spent on the Auction House.

What useful items can I make?

Engineers are famous for their items and creativity and are also known for their junk! However, many items Engineers can craft are really useful and can help greatly in some situations.

The most famous Engineering products that made a mark in WoW’s history are a Field Repair Bot as well as the Goblin Jumper Cables. The Repair Bots have proved to be very useful in instances and raids where all the players can repair after wipe and continue without the need to run out and repair somewhere else. Repair Bot has a purpose to speed up raids and make raiding more convenient for all players.

Goblin Jumper Cables are usually used by Hunters or Rogues. When a raid group wipes on a boss fight, for example, a Hunter can feign death (Rogue can go stealth) and then make an attempt to resurrect a fallen healer who can then rez the whole group. This is also a time savior and a very convenient invention.

Engineers are also known for their epic goggles – a head piece that looks great and has really good stats.

Specs for Engineers

An Engineer, similar to a Blacksmith or a Tailor, can specialize in different fields of his profession. When you reach skill of 200 you will be given a choice of specialization. You can choose either Goblin or Gnomish type of Engineering. These two specs differ in the teleporters location and in trinket abilities. Gnomish Engineers can use Transporter – Gadgetzan & Transporter – Toshley’s Station while Goblin Engineers can use Dimensional Ripper – Everlook & Dimensional Ripper – Area 52.

WOTLK and Engineering

The latest WOTLK expansion resulted in a positive change when it comes to all professions. For Engineers this expansion gave the possibility to create motorcycles! Alliance players can make their motorcycles with The Mekgineer’s Chopper schematic while Horde players can make it with Mechano-hog schematic. As you can guess, collecting all mats for this amazing vehicle is time taking and pricy but still this motorcycle definitely looks cool and belongs to fast mounts.

Engineers and their pets

Engineers can craft many crazy gadgets but pets are surely their most fun creations. An Engineer can create two “BoP” pets Lil’ Smoky which leaves a smoke trace wherever he goes and Pet Bombling which, of course, is a bomb alike pet. Both recipes drop in Gnomeregan, a low level instance found in Dun Morogh.

Do Girls Like Playing The TERA Online Game

A girls review of the TERA online game.

I am a girl gamer and wondered if TERA online would appeal to girls. Here is my review of the game.

My first thought was that TERA is a typical game that has been designed with guys in mind. One quick look at the female game characters is enough to send a feminist running, but I wanted to give the game a chance.

Although MMORPG’s are typically full of male players there are now more girls playing online games. Girls who perhaps got introduced to online games on Facebook now want to play a more action orientated game. Many have watched their boyfriends or brothers shooting everything in sight, but for me until TERA came along I have not been tempted.

Girls Love To Dress-Up The Characters

One of the things I love about this game is that Tera provides a lot of character customization with cool clothing to dress them in.

Character modeling in TERA is a lot of fun and some of the finished looks are pretty stunning. Girls enjoy playing dress-up and with the amazing end results it can be very satisfying, especially when you then go on to beat the guys in the game.

If you choose to play the game with a female character you had better not be a prudish type for they not only have amazing bodies but It is nearly impossible to find a female armor where you can not get glimpses of panties when they are running.

The High Elf is one of my favorite females in Tera Online and she can be one crazy sexy acting, and looking character.

The boys often choose to roll as a female character and I am sure it is because they all enjoy watching a screen full of stunning nearly nude female pixels. However, I have noticed in Tera that if I create a crazy sexy female like a high elf, it sometimes puts off the player trying to kill me long enough to let me kill them or escape.

  • I think that TERA online has a nice appeal to girl gamers including the cute Elin and Popoori (a rat like character), stunningly beautiful scenes and maybe the muscular male characters.
  • Tera online is a fast action game with amazing graphics. The purpose of the game is to kill or be killed, all while grinding through the levels.
  • There are currently 60 levels.

The characters are sexy and there is lots of killing and blood flying around so maybe this game is not for everyone.

If you enjoy the thrill of playing with players from all over the world, all interacting in a common goal of playing TERA online then you may want to try this game.

Girls Should Be Aware When Playing Online Games

Remember there are more guys than girls currently playing so be careful in the chat rooms. Some guys are great but just because their character looks all manly and stud like does not mean he is too.

I think girls are really good at grinding methodically up the levels and TERA online currently has 60 amazing levels to keep you entertained for months.

I love playing TERA online and now think I am hooked on playing MMO’s (massive multiplayer online) games. Since I was new to MMO games the longer I played the more I wanted to actually move up the levels and improve my character skills.

I did not want to use any of the expensive farming bots or Tera gold bots (illegal cheats) because I do not want to get banned from the game and lose my current status and level.

I found a great TERA online strategy guide that has all the answers I needed. It has everything you need to get from level 1 to 60 – I love it. I also spent a lot of time reading tips online and found one site to be very helpful.

With the increase of girls morphing from the easy but sometimes boring Facebook games looking for more action games like TERA, they are going to see more of us.