WoW Lockpicking – There’s No Lock You Can’t Open

Lockpicking is a specific skill available to Rogues only. When a Rogue gets to level 16, he is able to train the Pick Lock ability at his class trainer. A Rogue skilled in Lockpicking is able to unlock various footlockers, doors, chests and lockboxes which come as a drop from various mobs.

Is Lockpicking considered to be a real profession?

Lockpicking works similar to other professions. One can train it and skill it up. Once he reaches the max skill in Lockpicking, a Rogue can unlock almost everything.

How to skillup Lockpicking?

There is a simple answer to this. A Rogue is able to skill up only by picking various locks. The leveling itself functions similar to gathering professions. To skillup you should find locks of adequate level that will match the lockpicking level you have at the moment. We can’t really say that Lockpicking is easy to skill up but you will definitely find good assistance from your class trainer who will point you to the areas where you will have the best chance of finding footlockers.

Why only Rogues?

Dark and mysterious, Rogues are the ones who hide in the shadows. Most of their game play is based on sneaking and being in stealth. These characteristics make them suitable for treasure hunt and unlocking the secrets. They are able to sneak to a guarded chest, lock pick it, take all the treasure and disappear into the shadows. Hiding and being invisible are their main advantages.

Special items available for Lockpicking

There is one special piece of armor that can help you with Lockpicking – Dark Leather Gloves. You should ask a Leatheworker to assist you in making these gloves since the give 5 extra points in Lockpicking. These gloves also reduce the chance of failure when it comes to your lockpicking attempts and they add to a better range for your Lockpicking ability.


If it happens that you are not a Rogue or that your Lockpicking skill isn’t high enough to unlock something you want, there will be a few other alternatives.

Find a Blacksmith since he will be able to craft Skeleton keys that are also used to unlock locks. A BS is able to obtain four different key recipes at his BS trainer. With each recipe he will be able to craft two keys.

An Engineer can also prove to be useful with his Seaforium Charges that also have a purpose to open locked doors and chests.

Should I charge for my Lockpicking services?

Charging a fee for Lockpicking service depends on a Rogue player. If you see a Rogue offering his Lockpicking services through the Trade Channel then he might be charging, otherwise he will say that it is for free. Most of the time this won’t be the case since most Rogues do not offer their Lockpicking services publicly.

Approaching the Rogue for his assistance

If you have gathered many lockboxes and you are curious what can you find inside, try to ask any of your guild mates who is skilled in Lockpicking to open them for you. If you can’t find anybody you know to help you out you should approach any Rogue you come across. Make sure to be polite and you ask if he is willing to help you before engaging in a trade.

Items from lockboxes

There are many different items that one can find in various lockboxes, from uncommon items to even rare and epic as well as patterns, plans and schematics.