Profession – Class Combinations in WOTLK

Are you confused as to which profession combination can work well with your class choice? I decided to write a quick guide to all new players who aren’t sure which professions would work well for them.

Plate Wearers – If you are a plate wearer (death knight, warrior, paladin) you would do well going with blacksmithing/mining combinations or engineering/mining. Blacksmiths is very useful for making weapons and armor. While mining can either provide the materials for blacksmithing or provide you with some way of making money to pay for expenses. While engineering provides you with cool gadgets and abilities that can aid you in pvp or in farming gold for WOTLK.

Cloth Wearers – If you are a cloth wearer (mage, priest, warlock) I suggest going with tailoring an enchanting. Tailoring allows you to create armor to help you while leveling. However it is self sufficient so you aren’t required to take another profession. However if you want to take another profession enchanting is the only other self sufficient profession out there. Plus greens you make with tailoring can help to raise enchanting.

Leather/Mail wearers – If you are a leather wearer (druid, rogue) or a mail wearer (shaman, hunter) you might consider going with leather working. This allows you to make leather armor at lower levels and then at higher levels it gives you the choice of specializing in armor classes (mail or leather). Skinning is the gathering profession that works best with leather working. It also provides a way of making quick, easy money to pay for other expenses. Skinning is a great way to farm gold in WOTLK.