Age of Conan Guide – Level 80 Dark Templar PVP Build and Review

The level 80 PVP spec’ed DT

General comments on leveling:

While I made this guide, The Dark Templar (DT) seemed a little “gimped” from levels 1-25, able to handle his own, but not much more. From level 25 to 45 you will notice that the Dark Templar (DT) starts to come into his own strength, in this area you should be able to easily handle 3-4 mobs your level or 2-3 mobs a level above you. (This is with minimal downtime) From 45 to 65 the DT really becomes strong; anything your own level becomes a waste of time. Above 65 mobs even 3-4 levels above you are fair hunting game as long as you do not pull too many. You will find that more then other classes the DT becomes very dependent on properly placed feat points, even more then actual gear. The DT also seems to be a “late bloomer”, not really coming into his own strength until 65+.

Skill points:

Bandaging and Fast Healing I have at 500. This seems to work fine with getting HP up between fights.

Recovery and fast Recovery I also have at 500. Stamina is the primary problem with DT’s when leveling solo. You might even consider taking 100 points from bandaging and 100 points from Fast Recovery and putting them into Recovery and Fast recovery.

I have 200 in Endurance and 200 into Run Speed. These were both used until I bought a mount. For end game PvP, you may wish to put 400-500 into run speed. (You DO NOT use sprint in end game PvP, unless you are happy with popping stam pots.)

Climbing has 450 only because of a climb point in Aztel’s Approach. (There is a shortcut there that you need to climb in order to use it)

Hiding has zero as this skill is not needed at all, in end game PvP you want others to see you, in order to come after you instead of the healers and nukers.

Perception has zero as I simply did not have enough points to place here. If you are going to use perception you will need to have this capped at 80 to be used effectively, and with a DT you cannot afford to do this.

Taunt has zero as this is not a PvE build.

I do have 152 points left over, however I am saving these in case there is a climb point in a raid/group dungeon that has a 600 point requirement. If this turns out not to be a concern, it will go into run speed.

The Feats:

Trained Feats

  • Blighted Touch5/5
  • Blighted Soul5/5
  • Dark Hand5/5
  • Devouring Blood Frenzy3/3
  • Devourer’s Might5/5
  • Incinerate Ether1/1
  • Dissipate Ether3/3
  • Dread Lord1/1
  • Combo – Mind Wrack1/1
  • Hexer’s Might5/5
  • Touch of Death5/5
  • Combo – Mind Shatter1/1
  • Unholy Strength5/5
  • Dread Shadow1/1
  • Trained Feats
  • Devouring Touch5/5
  • Spell – Covenant of Arms5/5
  • Vigor Leech5/5
  • Curse of Gwahlur5/5
  • Ether Leech1/1
  • Corrupt Weapon2/2
  • Approach of Death1/1
  • Improved Soul Covenants1/1
  • Spell – Soul Barrier1/3
  • Recovery5/5
  • Improved Frenzy Stance2/5


I did have some reservations about putting any points at all in this tree. As such I only put 5 in recovery, since the Regen is half decent for the 5 points. The 2 points in improved frenzy stance are “left overs” that I did not see a better place for. The rest of the tree seems mostly for defense with the exception of Sustained Rage, which I did not have enough points to get. Remember this is a PvP build, NOT a PvE or raid build. In PvP you are not a prime target, healers and nukers are, and as such you can sometimes afford to be in frenzy stance to take down the enemy healers and nukers.


  • Devouring Touch 5 points: This beginning tree skill adds to your lifetap.
  • Covenant of Arms 5 points: This, IMO, is the best Covenant to run for DPS.
  • Vigor Leech 5 points: This is not an optional skill, the bane of a DT is stamina, and this stamina leech is a must have for PvE and PvP. This also leads to Ether Leech.
  • Talisman Mastery 0 points: I have not found a single decent talisman, and losing the shield does not seem to be intelligent.
  • Curse of Gwahlur 5 points: Decent skill that gives you health, causes damage, and seems to proc decently.
  • Ether Leech 1 point: Only 1 point here is awesome for a mana leech. (Note I do have Soul Barrier)
  • Corrupt Weapon: 2 points: A little disappointed here as it does not do much damage and it does not proc much, however I was forced to place 2 points to get the later Soul Barrier)
  • Improved Dread Fury 0 points: I cannot even cast a basic buff of this as I get an error that a more powerful spell is currently in effect.(Covenant of Arms) So there was no need to waste points here, I use Aura of Infusion which is awesome for survivability.
  • Approach of Death 1 point: Only 1 point needed here, I do notice it once in a while, not a huge benefit though.
  • Improved Martyrdom 0 points: I am not a healer, although this does do a good boost to health, I did not wish to spend the points in this.
  • Improved Soul Covenants: 1 point: Awesome skill for only 1 point, it is supposed to raise the proc % of the covenant itself.
  • Soul Barrier 1 point: This is a controversial skill, when you cast this (Lasts 20 seconds) damage is applied to your mana pool before your actual health pool. If you do have time to cast it, it is an awesome spell. The only bad thing is the cast time, if you get jumped you do not have time to use it, however if your group is initializing the PvP, this is a very nasty bonus. Note that I did take the two stuns in the other tree, using one of them does give me time to cast it in solo PvP, and popping a mana pot works wonders while under its effects.


  • Blighted Touch 5 points: Awesome feat adds DPS and procs decently.
  • Blighted Soul 5 points: Basically makes Blighted touch an AOE; however the other skill in the tree is useless.
  • Crystallized Ether 0 points: Total waste, the only time you use mana is to buff, even if you have Soul Barrier, the shield will drop faster then this skill will replenish it, use a mana pot instead.
  • Dark Hand 5 points: Basic DPS add to your melee weps.
  • Devouring Blood Frenzy 3 points: Since I do often hit frenzy prepping for PvP this seemed to be a decent investment of 3 points. I have not noticed a significant difference so I may investigate this more in the future. It is supposed to give you some health while in frenzy stance.
  • Consuming Bulwark 0 points: I do not do defensive stance in PvP so this is a waste.
  • Pact of Malacodor 0 points: Since I already frenzy I did not want to take a large health hit to cause more damage.
  • Devourer’s Might 5 points: DPS boost to an already powerful combo, I had no problem spending the 5 points here.
  • Dark Burden 0 points: I originally had this feat, however you had to be very close and I simply did not seem to have time to use it in PvP. As a tank class I am chasing healers and casters, I can stun them. Even if I am stuck chasing them, what good is a healer/nuker to the enemy team if they are constantly running?
  • Dissipate Ether 3 points: Needed this to cause double damage with incinerate ether. (Mana and HP)
  • Incinerate Ether 1 point: 1 point to double damage? Heck yeah.
  • Vile Soul 0 points: I have quite a few reservations about Sadism with a DT, the PBAOE is only double digit damage when it procs, almost useless in the fast pace PvP battles.
  • Sadistic Glee 0 points: Another Sadism feat.
  • Dread Lord 1 point: For 1 point you cannot complain about lowering cooldown on combos, even if it is not a massive reduction.
  • Reaper of Malacodor 0 points: Need Pact of Malacodor for this.
  • Mind Wrack 1 point: 1 Point for a stun ability, awesome.
  • Ether Reap 0 points: Will not waste 5 points for the tiny mana Regen when I use Mystical Bane.
  • Hexer’s Might 5 points: Another feat that adds DPS to a powerful combo.
  • Gore Fiend 0 points: Sadism Feat
  • Masochism 0 points: Sadism Feat
  • Touch of Death 5 points: Awesome skill for one shotting (Combo) casters
  • Air of Death 0 points: Decent skill however you must use Touch of death to trigger it. TOD has too long of a cooldown to justify this feat.
  • Sadistic Vengeance 0 points: Sadism Feat.
  • Mind Shatter 1 point: 1 Point for a more powerful stun, easy point placement here. Note the two stuns are on different cooldown timers.
  • Unholy Strength 5 points: Raises DPS of ALL combos.
  • Drain Strength 0 points: Wanted to place one here, but since I hunt healers and caster strength is meaningless to them.
  • Ravenous Eater 0 points: Did not have the preq for this.
  • Dread Shadow 1 point: This was the largest disappointment. Yes the skill works, however the pet spawns for a very short time 5 – 10 seconds. This should have been a 3 point feat at 10 seconds per point. Only 1 point, but almost useless.

Reducing the Use of Marijuana in Adolescents Through Parental Monitoring

Out of all the drugs which adolescents use, marijuana is considered to be the one which is the most widely used. 42% of seniors in high school are found to have admitted experimenting using the drug. Continued use of this drug is shown to result in a number of consequences which are quite serious such as depression, cardiovascular diseases, and impaired cognitive activities along with some types of cancer. Thus, it is important that adolescents do not make use of marijuana and because of it; a number of medical as well as behavioral scientists have been working on.

Parents are seen to be the best way of preventing marijuana use and a number of studies have been conducted which have focused on this factor. Parental monitoring in particular where parents are well aware of where their child is going, who he/she is with and what they’re doing is of critical importance and has been found to have attenuated a number of negative behaviors such as gambling, use of drugs as well as sexual activity. While parental monitoring has been effective in such instances, its link with marijuana is still not very clear. If an adolescent uses this drug, chances are he does so without telling his parents in comparison to other behaviors which he may be open about. Despite there being an uncertainty as to whether or not parental monitoring is effective in preventing the use of drugs and marijuana by adolescents, large sums of money are being spent on programs and campaigns in the media to help parents in preventing this particular behavior of their children.

Psychologists from Claremont Graduate University by the name of Andrew Lac and William Crano engaged in the review of a number of studies to examine whether or not a connection exists between the use of marijuana in adolescents as well as parental monitoring. 17 studies were selected from the existing literature by these psychologists and these contained around 35,000 participants. The criteria on the basis of which these studies were selected include the participation of the adolescents, that main focus was given to the use of the drug and that monitoring by parents was something which the adolescent himself evaluated through self-report measures rather than the parent himself reporting his own behavior.

Results of their study were reported in the present issue of Perspectives on Psychological Sciences which is a journal of Association for Psychological Science and revealed that a strong and a very reliable link did exist between parental monitoring as well as a decrease in the use of marijuana amongst adolescents. Strong effects were also found mostly in studies which were female only.

The authors did state that their review suggests that parents are in no way irrelevant even when such secretive and illegal behaviors of children are concerned. According to them, the results of their review could help in programs aimed at preventing the use of marijuana and can target parents and offer insight into removing this risky behavior of children.

Profession – Class Combinations in WOTLK

Are you confused as to which profession combination can work well with your class choice? I decided to write a quick guide to all new players who aren’t sure which professions would work well for them.

Plate Wearers – If you are a plate wearer (death knight, warrior, paladin) you would do well going with blacksmithing/mining combinations or engineering/mining. Blacksmiths is very useful for making weapons and armor. While mining can either provide the materials for blacksmithing or provide you with some way of making money to pay for expenses. While engineering provides you with cool gadgets and abilities that can aid you in pvp or in farming gold for WOTLK.

Cloth Wearers – If you are a cloth wearer (mage, priest, warlock) I suggest going with tailoring an enchanting. Tailoring allows you to create armor to help you while leveling. However it is self sufficient so you aren’t required to take another profession. However if you want to take another profession enchanting is the only other self sufficient profession out there. Plus greens you make with tailoring can help to raise enchanting.

Leather/Mail wearers – If you are a leather wearer (druid, rogue) or a mail wearer (shaman, hunter) you might consider going with leather working. This allows you to make leather armor at lower levels and then at higher levels it gives you the choice of specializing in armor classes (mail or leather). Skinning is the gathering profession that works best with leather working. It also provides a way of making quick, easy money to pay for other expenses. Skinning is a great way to farm gold in WOTLK.

Summoning the Magic Inside by Becoming a Warlock in World of Warcraft

Like it or not, Warlocks rule! They belong to one of the most magical classes of beings in World of Warcraft. Warlocks are an ancient class which have mastered the dark arts of flame, shadow, and demonic energy. One reason why so many players choose this class is the ability to plague their enemies with curse and disease, lightning and natural disaster. Warlocks can also invoke demons to aid them in battle. They are a significant part of any combat-based raid because they add special talents intangible to Warriors, Rogues and other combat type classes of characters.

If you happen to be a Warlock, get yourself a guide, some useful advice, and prepare to dominate Azeroth. If you’re on the receiving end of the blows, prepare to be cursed, paralyzed, and face other maladies which will halt your game. Or join their team. Warlocks, besides doing the most damage, can also do the most healing. Using the summoning ritual, Warlocks can summon players from any locale in the Warcraft setting-which is a helpful tool in a tricky situation.

As a Warlock, you will also be able to use magical items such as health stones which heal wounded players. They can also heal themselves. If a teammate dies, Warlocks may use the charm of the soul stone, which will bring a player back from the dead. After this, of course, any damaged gear will have to be upgraded by dropping a few bits of gold, but at least that recently deceased teammate will be alive again.

Warlocks must be careful to keep balance between themselves, their magic, and the demons they summon. As a Warlock you have to be constantly aware of the dangers of corruption-since you’re dealing with dark magical powers.

WotLK Death Knight Guide to Talent Trees

In the Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft will be introduced to its first Hero class, the Death Knight. Many players are anxious to play this new melee/casting hybrid class and experiment with the new talent tree. The class should prove interesting to play, as it offers several different options of play, including tanking, support, and even some off healing.

The blood talent tree focuses on physical damage dealing abilities and is well suited for tanking and sustained DPS on single targets. The Death Knight self healing also helps minimize down time, which makes it popular for leveling. At the higher levels this build will allow for several options in Raids as an off-tank or DPS role.

The frost talent tree is used for critical burst damage with focus being on spells and control. There are no dedicated Frost builds that truly take advantage of everything the build has to offer, with most builds including a mix of either Blood or Unholy Talents. A combination of frost and unholy talents work well for PvP, while those looking to tank should stick with a mix of frost and blood talents.

The Unholy Tree focuses on spells, summons and diseases, as well as PvP focused abilities. These also make for decent tanking qualities and hybriding for DPS builds.

The Death Knight should prove not only to be a mighty opponent, but also a very adaptable group member. Once the expansion has been out for awhile and players have had a chance to play around with different builds for various situations, we should start to see some standardized builds.