Understanding Game Classes – Aion Templars

In the game of Aion, if you choose to have a character begin as a Warrior, upon reaching Level 10 you can have that character become a Templar. Templars are Daevas (winged, immortal humans) who are the absolute masters of defense, although their ability to attack should not be underestimated.

There’s an ancient Atreian proverb that says, “When all else fails, send in a Templar.” This is for very good reason. Templars can swap their sword or mace and shield for a greatsword if the situation calls for it (typically when an enemy can be quickly taken down or killed), so they are capable of inflicting some serious harm and damage on enemies, even though once again their primary skill set involves being the defenders.Nezekan, the Empyrean Lord of Justice, is the patron deity of all Templars.

Normally, a Templar fights with a sword or mace in one hand and a shield in the other, acting as battlefield protector of allies. They are also skilled at catching the attention of enemies with some good “trash talking”, making them turn their attention away from others in their group so that they are distracted from being able to defend against others’ attacks. The Templar can also wield the shield as a highly effective weapon. Enemies can be knocked back or stunned in this way, so that the enemy can be taken down through a series of linked moves.

As a solo player, the Templar almost always uses a weapon in one hand and the shield in the other, for the first priority is to mitigate damage. Even if the enemy is not killed it can be seriously damaged or stunned so that any of your Templar’s allies have something less to fear or more easily killed later.Templars are also good at increasing enmity in enemies, thus weakening their concentration.

However, it’s clear that where a Templar really shines is within groups, for here the highest functions of the character come to light. Allies are shielded and enemies are drawn out away from them and to the difficult-to-damage Templar. While they attack her in frustration, the allies can strike the enemy with deadly force without getting beaten back. When you are a highly skilled Templar, you can take on and handle multiple enemies at once and get them all bent out of shape through your taunting “trash talk”.

So, the Templar has a high base defense; the ability to increase defensive prowess even more through Plate Armor and increasing skills; and the ability to turn defensiveness into an offensive weapon. If you love to play defense, start as a Warrior and then become a Templar in Aion.