Hexigames Booster Leveling Package Review

There is a new name in World of Warcraft leveling guides, and Hexigames is changing the way leveling guides work! There is a new way to get your toons up to 80 as quickly as possible; Hexigames Booster. Without doing a ton of research and checking you’ll have a hard time just leveling your characters in a speedy manner. Hexigames has taken out all the searching and problems with this though. Their new Booster Leveling Package gives you in one place an enormous amount of great data that can boost your leveling speeds significantly more than any other guide currently on the market.

What’s so different about Hexigames’ guide than every other guide on the market though? Well, that’s what this review is all about really. They have truly gone way farther with their leveling package than anyone else, and you won’t go wrong with really high expectations when checking out this guide.

What is Hexigames Booster? The Booster is a package of leveling helpers that will cover every bit of information you’ll need to not only get to 80 in the quickest time possible, but get you there knowing how to play your character the best way possible! You won’t be seen as a noob with this guide under your belt, in fact you’ll be highly sought after as a great player! There is a leveling add-on to use inside the game which is way ahead of any other program that is out there, there are tons of features in the add-on itself.

Besides the add-on there are e-books, and over 80 videos that you can use to train and will cover every single thing you need to know about playing and leveling any character. Hexigames has a group of professional gamers that put together all this information and the add-on just for you, in a complete training course that can help the noob right on up to the elitist players up their game!

The add-on is completely legal and safe (virus free!), and will put your leveling basically on auto. Don’t discount the videos that’ll help you master the strategies and tricks each class has specifically for it, the ones the best players use to level and play every day! The team isn’t just saying they’re the best either, they have proof! Hexium was #2 in the first season of BG9, Nox is currently in the 18th ranked guild in the entire game, and Icy is also part of one of the highest ranked guilds in the game. With their knowledge and experience backing you up, there is no way you can’t do extremely well!